How Can You Become DJ Without Having A Turntable

How Can You Become DJ Without Having A Turntable? – Magic Ways To DJ-ing

Turntable or vinyl has long been famous for its role as the “father” of mixing music. However, taking up a DJ career with a decent turntable usually requires the DJ a long time to acquire necessary technical skills.

Also, a music product made by a turntable usually takes much time and money to complete. Are there any other alternatives to the DJ world? How can you become a DJ without having a turntable?

What is a DJ?​

What Is A Dj? (The Best Tips for Beginners)

Music is getting better thanks to technology. Music producers that use technology and digital instrument are called DJ. Many people said that DJ is the guy who controls the music in the big events. So, what exactly is a DJ? How did the song is created?

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