Welcome to the mansion of EDM music. My name is Hazel C. James 

As everyone knows EDM – Electronic Dance Music was born in the 70s. Going through a long development process from classical dissco to modern music like Dubstep, Trap, House, etc. And the people who make EDM grow so much today are DJs. 

To become a DJ you have to possess a certain amount of knowledge about music, melodies, how to use software and devices and more – which brought a lot of trouble when being a spontaneous DJ. 

“I’m always excited to see the reaction of the crowd when I’m playing a new song.” – Martin Garix. That’s what makes us so passionate. 

I hope to give you all the best advice, tips and what to do when you start being a DJ. Here, you will find tips on vinyl treatment, installation, and how to choose and review music mixing tools and gear. Along with that I will find the best courses from beginner to advance for those who want to improve their ability to play music. 

In the near future I want to create a place where you can share your music tracks to a large number of people. Please support me, your help is a great source of motivation for me. 

Besides, for those who like to listen to EDM, I will combine the best hit playlists for each type of music, or for each DJ that you love. Please look forward to the fire music. 

If you have any questions about DJs or questions during music creation, don’t hesitate and “drop a line”. I will find the best and fastest answer for you.