Best Home Studio Desk

Best Home Studio Desk: The 5 On The Market 2020

Are you starting out your career as a musician? If the answer is yes, I am quite sure that you are now facing so many obstacles in the very preparation phases.

After all, there are so many issues that need attention, especially if you don’t want to spend sums after sums of your hard-earned money renting a studio for years to come.

How Can You Become DJ Without Having A Turntable

How Can You Become DJ Without Having A Turntable? – Magic Ways To DJ-ing

Turntable or vinyl has long been famous for its role as the “father” of mixing music. However, taking up a DJ career with a decent turntable usually requires the DJ a long time to acquire necessary technical skills.

Also, a music product made by a turntable usually takes much time and money to complete. Are there any other alternatives to the DJ world? How can you become a DJ without having a turntable?

best microphone for home studio vocals

Best Microphone For Home Studio Vocals: A List Of 5

Have a home studio today, and you might create a million-dollar track tomorrow. Who knows? Truth be told, the home creation hub gives you a comfortable zone to bring ideas into real shape.

However, do not start recording without some essentials like at least one microphone and mic stand, headphones, Audio/DAW Interface Combo, a computer, ear training software, etc.

Today, we will look into the very first task: finding the best microphone for home studio vocals.

best studio monitors for small room

Top 5 Best Studio Monitors For Small Room And How To Find Them

“How to choose the best speaker for your studio?” This question is not easy to answer. And if the size of your room happens to fall within the modest range, it can even get to the point of insolvable.

That’s why we’re here – to reveal the answer to you . If you are eager to equip your working space with a studio monitor to die for, then our “Top 5 best studio monitors for small room” won’t let you down!